Dirkaški kombinezon Birel

Our Karting suit

But the most requested garment still remains the Birel official suit P: more than a thousand are sold every year. The livery has the classic red, white and grey colours, with a personalization on the chest, on the legs and a great Birel brand on the back.
It is realized in antiabrasion cloth with CIK-FIA homologation for International races and has technical solutions to guarante the driver the maximum comfort.
For example, there is an elasticated cloth between sleeves and girdle, which fav ours the movements and offers the best wearability. From the cuffes to the collar, all details are precisely refined, placing at the highest market level for what concerns quality.

Also the Monza brand has a sportswear line. Beginning from the suit Q, with Birel’s same quality, but with different blue and orange livery.

Finally, for what concerns the Easykart line, there is the official suit of the Trophy V with the blue, red and white colours, characterized by a great red stripe on the chest.

Birel oblačila

Športna oblačila Birel

For years, the Birel brand has been signing a sportswear line that conquered fans even beyond the karting world. Created to dress the driver with a technical race wea ring (suit, gloves, shoes, undersuit and underhelmet), today it is a complete collection that includes also items for the technical staff and for the free time. Birel wearing’s success is to be found in each item’s originality, in the sought workmanship and the clothes’ quality. Birel’s style and philosophy are optimally rendered, so wearing a Birel cloth means sharing the same idea of the karting way of life. It means identifying oneself with a brand that this year celebrates 50 years of activity and success in this sport. The production responsibility has been committed to Mir of Arezzo, able to study (together with Birel management) the single exclusive models. Mir is the world leader company in the kart suits branch, thanks to the high investments in research and technology, moreover it boasts an excellent fashion division that collaborated with the most important Italian brands.

A short tracking shot of Birel's sportsware

During winter cold days on the track, the windcheater A guarantees warmth and practicity. Provided with inside fleece lining and hood, besides a high and comfortable knitted collar, it is ideal to contrast even the harshest temperature. It is very becoming, with four external pockets and cuffes with hermetic seal.
For the evening and the free time, the jacket with a fur collar B is more fashionable: the external cloth is soft and it fits very well thanks to the elasticized band at the bottom. It has an inside lining, whereas the Birel brand is on the chest and on the left sleeve.
All year long the sleeveless down jacket C is perferct, sporty and practical also to work on the track, as the sweatshirt D with zipper and a cloth-fitting cut, which gives comfort and originality.
The shirt E has an engaging cut with the classic red and white colours, perfect to dress the Birel teams’ staff and the supporters in an elegant and refined way.
More practical, but without losing quality and detail care, the Birel polo-shirt F is made up of a white stripe under the sleeves and a collar with three buttons.
Trousers are available in long G and short models, with winter and summer clothing. All models carry the brand on the rear pockets.
To be worn every day, the official T-shirt H is red coloured with the Birel brand on both sides. Among the most successful wearings, there is the hooded sweatshirt I, created with a unique and original cloth, similar to a diving suit. It is red coloured with a white stripe under the sleeves and customized with Birel official sponsors.
The Birel Motorsport cap L is very appreciated and it cannot lack on summer days.
The Birel bag L is capacious and easy to carry thanks to the wheels, whereas the work apron N protects clothes without giving up to fashion.
The backpack O has gained great success, practical to bring personal belongings from the track to the hotel: it has a spacious compartment and many pockets, including the one for the mobile phone, pass and documents.

Birel športna oblačila Birel športna oblačila

Birel športna oblačila

Birel športna oblačila

Birel športna oblačila Birel športna oblačila
Birel športna oblačila Birel športna oblačila Birel športna oblačila Birel športna oblačila Birel športna oblačila Birel športna oblačila

Monza oblačila Birel

Blue and orange caracterize also the windcheater R and the sleeveless down jacket S for the Monza teams.

Besides the T-shirt T the sweatshirt and the cap U complete the collection.

Oblačila Birel Monza
Oblačila Birel Monza

Oblačila Birel Monza

Oblačila Birel Monza

Easy line birel oblačila

Birel Easy line športna oblačila

A short tracking shot of Easykart's sportsware

Finally, for what concerns the Easykart line, besides the official suit of the Trophy with the blue, red and white colours, there is also the sweatshirt with zipper Z and the big writing on the chest.